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Hi! Welcome to my website. I am a science journalist and senior editor for climate change at Audubon magazine. I write and edit stories about ecological transformation in the time of climate change, and the policies and technologies intended to address it. (I write and edit other stories, too.)

I've worked in science and environmental journalism since 2011. In 2009 I was a biologist with a blog, and in February 2011 decided to make a career change. A decade in I'm an experienced reporter, editor, fact checker, and web producer comfortable in digital and print. I've worked at Audubon since August 2016. My past freelance clients include Popular Science, Quanta, Discover, Hakai, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Scientific American, and The Wirecutter. I graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, with a B.A. in biology.

I live in Brooklyn and enjoy cycling and birding throughout the city and beyond.

on assignment

University of California, Berkeley. May 2019.

Cooper Island, Alaska. August 2017.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland. July 2017.